Mono No Aware

by Veblen Good

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released June 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Veblen Good New York, New York

Veblen Good is a solo project by TURBO GOTH guitarist Paolo Peralta

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Track Name: Seams of Gold
Horizon up ahead hang up the phone
Confusion never ends better of alone
Look outside and see
Nothing is what is seems
Days Passed
Seasons changed
I wont let you go
Cars crashed hearts burned won't let you go
Wanted us to stay
Lets never get out
Don't you walk away
Let us never settle
Track Name: Delicate Amputant
All this time
Thinking we might
We stayed up all night long
Living the moment on n on
Dont you cry
Look up to the Sky
Gotta keep on moving on
Hold on tight till the dark is gone
Alone pictures are vanishing
Below I'm set to repeat
All the places we
Have come to be
Pick up the pieces of
You and Me
Track Name: Lavish Vapours
Throughout the landscape we stare
And your heart is in need of repair
When the nights are cold
You wont be on your own
Leave your doubts and fears aside

Go on through the night
Just lying awake By your side
When it pours we'll take cover
From this mess we will recover
Track Name: Drown In Delusion
Picture Painted by the sun
Through the Vast fields we run
You and I will make today
Forever last this way
We gonna brave through the unknown
We wont stop till we find home
To drown in the delusion of Love
Track Name: No Trace
Finally found the way to see
The joy and pain you bring to me
I cant make the same mistakes too many times
Can't fake winning the race im outta time
Soar in one direction
Never leave a trace
Searching for perfection
Dont get lost in the maze
Track Name: Life Beats Anew
At the bottom of despair
Life Beats Anew
When you fall a thousand times
Life beats anew
Forget all of your sorrow
Head on to tommorow
Dare to find inside the mind
with in your reach
Track Name: Rusted Memory
I caught you inside of my mind
Rusted memory set aside
You cant be sorry here
dont be sorry here
bury your guilt here bury deep down
Light is shining far outside
Lead the way up to the sky
Track Name: Celestial Backmask
Remember the last time when we lost hope
we were runnung we were searchin to feel at home
Never ever seemed to care
Took all we can bare
We turned out alright
Dont matter how long it takes
Ill just be here waiting.
Track Name: Grand Arrival
We'll all come down to
The right place and right time
Would'nt want anywhere to be
Burning all of your desire
You make me feel
High up above
Youmake me stay
Going, rolling on.......
Track Name: Mono No Aware
When it gets too far and it you feel you are stuck below
When your hands get cold dont know which way to go
I know you have been here
Gotta wait for the fogs to clear
In time you will find
leave everything bhind
Flow in your own stream
Leavin your own dream
I can make it through the end
With you
I can start over again with you...